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Career & Leadership Development for females in STEM & those challenging traditional stereotypes

Lets change the face of modern Leadership. Change how our careers work for us. Change how we view ourselves.


Inspiring. Advancing. Mentoring.

Having worked as an engineer for 15 years, I have been there. Learned how to have my voice heard, to make the imapct I wanted to. This is why I became a Coach. To work with women who want the same, to get to the same place, and to inspire future generations to come. 




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I have had several coaching sessions with Clare and I came away from each session with increased confidence, new insights and a lovely sense of calm wisdom. Clare provides a safe coaching space that allowed me to relax and really explore my inner thoughts and feelings; her very calm persona definitely helped enormously with this. You always feel better after a conversation or coaching session with her. I would strongly recommend Clare to anyone who is thinking of making a change in their life and who needs coaching support to ensure they achieve their goals. Thank you so much Clare!

Linda Nolan