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What Career Coaching can offer you

Picture this - you can see a clear, change in your life, a marked improvement in your productivity and organisation, both personal and professional. You have a focused plan for your job, business or in your personal life. You have allocated time to yourself at the end of the day, you have achieved what you set out to achieve and you are ready for tomorrow, next week and next month. You are less stressed, have more time for the things you love, and you have a sense of accomplishment. 

Coaching will help you to identify and set goals that are achievable and measurable. It will help you focus on areas to develop through planning and organising, examining how your time management, technology and personal wellbeing impacts productivity and organisation. It creates plans and actions to make a genuine difference in how you manage your time and energy.


If you want something you've never had you must be willing to do something you've never done

Thomas Jefferson


I have had several coaching sessions with Clare and I came away from each session with increased confidence, new insights and a lovely sense of calm wisdom.  Clare provides a safe coaching space that allowed me to relax and really explore my inner thoughts and feelings; her very calm persona definitely helped enormously with this. You always feel better after a conversation or coaching session with her.  I would strongly recommend Clare to anyone who is thinking of making a change in their life and who needs coaching support to ensure they achieve their goals. Thank you so much Clare!

Linda Nolan


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