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I am here to be the role model and mentor that I needed throughout my career and business development. Not only can I support you in your career, leadership and business development, I have lived this experience practically, and I understand the emotional side of it too.


I spent 15 years as an engineer, ten of these working on oil tankers at sea as a marine engineering officer. Here I was in 0.5% minority, 9 months of one year, I didn’t see another female or a child, and for a year and a half I didn’t have a female colleague.


Breaking the mould, defying gender stereotypes and traditional roles. We all deserve to choose how we want to love our lives.


We have the right to work in the roles we believe we are good at, to be represented in the design of the world we live in, to be represented in the testing of the technology we wear, the cars we drive and the medicines we take. We have the right to be represented in making the policy and decisions that will affect us, and we deserve a supportive partner to challenge and mentor us. that is where I come in.

15 years of engineering taught me a lot, and I still follow a structured approach based on sound principles. This ensures that the desired outcome is achieved. 


In my ten year career journey to Chief Engineer, most often as the only female on the ship, and in my following engineering experience, my time was spent organising teams, developing strategy, managing crises and implementing change.

I now use frameworks tailored to each client, professional or organisation, so that they get the very most that they deserve, and are capable of. 


I have been there, I have had dreams and ambitions, fears and doubts and I am thriving. I have changed industries, careers and pivoted many times, all on the way to finding this, where I am now, where I have always dreamed of being.


Now, instead of my role defining me, I am made up of all of the amazing experiences I have been part of. I am closer every day and I am continuously growing into the person I was born to be. As Carl Jung said, The privilege of a lifetime is to become who we truly are.


Visionary Leadership

I believe in inspirational role models, leadership development and a clear focus on the future. This is how we will change things for the better.

My Tribe

There is nothing more empowering for me than to feel the support and confidence that my tribe offers. To find this is a game changer. I build this.


Professional and reliable quality and expertise is non-negotiable. This is what we all deserve. Through structure and process this is achieved.


Being from the Rebel county, I was born to push boundaries. In challenging the status quo, we grow and change lives, otherwise, how could we achieve our impossible?


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